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Welfare Activities:

YPSF will act as a bridge between the privileged and under underprivileged section of the Sikh community, encouraging the privileged Sikhs to contribute for the betterment of the underprivileged Sikhs, to create a self sustainable mechanism
Forum will initiate and organize a number of welfare activities involving educational support, healthcare support etc.

Support To Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects

YPSF understands the pivotal role entrepreneurship plays in building a sustainable environment for development in a community.
Acknowledging the crucial importance and the benefits of entrepreneurship, YPSF supports innovative entrepreneurship projects developed by young Sikh boys and girls by providing them guidance, mentorship and support
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Stay In India

India is a land of untapped potential. The vast geological spread presents in-numerous opportunities for people seeking a job or building a business.
Stay in India is a campaign to introduce the Sikh youth to the existing opportunities in India. YPSF will introduce resourceful people to educate youth on employability and entrepreneurship in order to promote the opportunities and convince the youth that is keen to leave, to stay in India, contributing to the overall process of nation building and strengthening of the community.

Sikh International Awards

Sikh International Awards is an initiative by YPSF to recognize the Sikh Change-Makers. To be held every year, starting 2019, Sikh International Awards would highlight and celebrate the achievements of Sikhs who have reached summits of excellence in various domains and promoted the Sikh Identity within their Industry and Trade.
Awards would be given in the category of Bravery, Sports, Medicine, Media, Literature, Entrepreneurship, Social Work, Education, Public Service, Culture, Life time Achievement, and Martial Arts.
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